A child learning to walk


Beginners in meditation often get frustrated when their meditations do not go well. It is one of the main reasons why so many people give up trying to establish a daily meditation routine. They feel their mind is too restless and they are unable to meditate well.

Here’s the thing: nobody is able to meditate well in the beginning. Even highly advanced meditators, yogi’s and spiritual Masters started at the beginner’s level and were not able to meditate well for quite some time, before their meditations improved. But the reason their meditations eventually became good and fruitful was that they didn’t give up. 

So here is the secret to becoming good at meditation: never give up!

Consider a young child that is learning how to walk. After having crawled for many months, a day comes when the little baby tries to take its first step. Of course it immediately falls down. It tries again, only to fall down again, and again, and again. 

If that little child would have had our mindset and attitude, it would probably tell its parents after having fallen three or four times: “You know, mum and dad, I don’t think this walking business is for me. I’ll stick with crawling.” But instead, the child doesn’t give up trying. No matter how many times it falls down, it just gets up and tries again. And after some time, it learns how to walk properly. 

The secret to the child’s success is that it doesn’t consider falling down as a failure. To the child falling down is just part of the process of learning how to walk. It’s just as normal and natural as taking a step. Here the little child is teaching us a supreme lesson: so-called failures are actually the pillars of success.

In your meditation journey feel that you are like that little child that is learning how to walk. You will stumble and fall down a lot in the beginning, meaning that your restless mind will constantly overpower you and prevent you from going deeper within. But don’t consider this a failure! Just get up and try again. When you keep trying, eventually the day will come when you will be able to meditate well and your meditations will rise to a much higher level. 

Never give up!