About Our Classes

Amsterdam Meditation Week
18-21 september 2023

In these 4 meditation workshops you will learn to deepen your meditation practice and lead a fulfilling spiritual life in the modern world. Dive into the world of silent meditation, mantra’s, visualisations and inner peace and learn how to integrate your practice into your day to day life.

The classes are presented on 4 consecutive days as follow-ups to one another, each one leading further into the practice, highlighting new aspects and giving new insights. It is best to attend all 4 classes if possible.

The Amsterdam Meditation Festival is hosted by meditation teacher Shishir Pauk from Canada, a direct disciple of spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy. Shishir has lectured on meditation and spirituality for over 20 years. His sense of humour and unique personality have made him a beloved teacher all over the world.

In the ancient tradition of spiritual teachings we offer these workshops free of charge.

The Amsterdam Meditation Week is followed by 4 weeks of continuation classes, also free of charge.

For more information call:  06 45 739 202
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Follow-up classes after the Amsterdam Meditation Week
In this free meditation course you learn how to set up your own daily meditation practice at home through easy-to-follow meditation exercises and practical insights into the world of meditation and spirituality. You also learn how to combine a rich, inner life with a modern and dynamic outer life.

Sri Chinmoy believes that spirituality cannot be bought or sold. Meditation is our birthright; in that conviction we offer our meditation classes free of charge.

What particpants said:

“Because of this course I’ve become more conscious of my feeling, behaviour and my own restlessness. Through this awareness I have learnt that I can change these feelings and behaviour for the better in order to gain more peace of mind.”

“Enrichring and expanding. I got much more out of it than I expected and the background story really rings true. I really liked the exercises and philosophy and I’m pleasantly surprised that there is an entire meditation world of Sri Chinmoy that describes the same things I am experiencing myself.”

“I’ve found more peace and quiet. Before I was often fighting inside my head, thoughts that were battling with one another. Now I’m better able to control them.”

“It has brought me a lot of tranquility and has taught me to deal with (unwanted) thoughts and to cultivate discipline and a positive outlook on the world and myself.”

“I’ve learnt to pay attention to my heart and soul. The classes have a beautiful atmosphere. Thank you for this wonderful gift.”
Richard van Roessel

“A pleasant and safe environment to discover new things, I’ve learnt to persevere by meditating each day and opening up to a new experience. Through the exercises and background stories the basics of meditation have become clear to me. A real recommendation to others.”

“Much is told about what meditation means and what it can do can do for you, all in a very expressive language. The openness of the classes and the meditation center are very pleasant. You really feel welcome.”