The secret of daily practice


Professional concert pianists laugh when they think back of when they first started playing the piano. But just like anyone else they also started from the very beginning, playing simple scales. It is only because they kept practising that they eventually became great pianists. 

Naturally the same goes for meditation. Highly advanced yogis will also likely laugh when they think back of their humble beginnings in meditation. Just like anyone else, their minds were restless and agitated and it was very difficult to meditate. But because they kept practising, they eventually became expert meditators.

When starting to meditate what matters is not how well you meditate. As a matter of fact, the quality of your meditation is completely irrelevant. What matters is your regularity, whether you practise every day or not. As a beginner, this is how you should measure your success. 

If you practise meditation daily, you can justifiably call yourself a successful beginner. It is inevitable that your daily practise will lead to high quality meditations later on. But right now only your daily discipline matters.

So just sit and do your meditation and concentration exercises without caring for the results. Think of the great pianists. Just keep practising those scales.  

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